Welcome to Wageesha Publisher

Wageesha Publisher is one of the largest and most renowned publishing houses in India today.Wageesha Publisher is publishing school books in the K-8 segment both for CBSE and ICSE stream schools. The head office of the company is located in Lucknow and the corporate office is located in Delhi; the sales offices and depots are spread all over India., Wageesha Publisher brings out books that represent exemplary standards of publishing. It has been our endeavour to prove ourselves worthy of our ancient namesake. Our mission statement reads, “… to bring out books for children that really constitute an ocean of gems. These books will employ the most modern and proven approaches towards the shaping of young minds.”


Our mission is to publish error free, standardized academic books. To make Wageesha Publisher as one of the leading source of education through its varieties of books on different subjects etc.


Our vision is to make India a 100% literate nation. Spreading education to every nook and corner of the country especially the rural India through affordable, simple language; activity based books and prepare them to compete with anyone in the globe. We help different N.G.O.’s who are contributing towards the upliftment of the girl child and those imparting education to our masses by providing free books for their institutions.